Weather conversations

A: It’s an ugly day today.
B: I know. I think it may rain.
A: It’s the middle of summer, it shouldn’t rain today.
B: That would be weird.
A: Yeah, especially since it’s ninety degrees outside.
B: I know, it would be horrible if it rained and it was hot outside.
A: Yes, it would be.
B: I really wish it wasn’t so hot every day.
A: Me too. I can’t wait until winter.
B: I like winter too, but sometimes it gets too cold.
A: I’d rather be cold than hot.
B: Me too.
A: It doesn’t look very nice outside today.
B: You’re right. I think it’s going to rain later.
A: In the middle of the summer, it shouldn’t be raining.
B: That wouldn’t seem right.
A: Considering that it’s over ninety degrees outside, that would be weird.
B: Exactly, it wouldn’t be nice if it started raining. It’s too hot.
A: I know, you’re absolutely right.
B: I wish it would cool off one day.
A: That’s how I feel, I want winter to come soon.
B: I enjoy the winter, but it gets really cold sometimes.
A: I know what you mean, but I’d rather be cold than hot.
B: That’s exactly how I feel.

A: I wish it was a nicer day today.
B: That is true. I hope it doesn’t rain.
A: It wouldn’t rain in the middle of the summer.
B: It wouldn’t seem right if it started raining right now.
A: It would be weird if it started raining in ninety degree weather.
B: Any rain right now would be pointless.
A: That’s right, it really would be.
B: I want it to cool down some.
A: I know what you mean, I can’t wait until it’s winter.
B: Winter is great. I wish it didn’t get so cold sometimes though.
A: I would rather deal with the winter than the summer.
B: I feel the same way.
A: It’s such a nice day.
B: Yes, it is.
A: It looks like it may rain soon.
B: Yes, and I hope that it does.
A: Why is that?
B: I really love how rain clears the air.
A: Me too. It always smells so fresh after it rains.
B: Yes, but I love the night air after it rains.
A: Really? Why is it?
B: Because you can see the stars perfectly.
A: I really hope it rains today.
B: Yeah, me too.

A: Isn’t it a nice day?
B: It really is.
A: It seems that it may rain today.
B: Hopefully it will.
A: How come?
B: I like how clear the sky gets after it rains.
A: I feel the same way. It smells so good after it rains.
B: I especially love the night air when it rains.
A: Really? Why?
B: The stars look so much closer after it rains.
A: I really want it to rain today.
B: Yeah, so do I.

A: Don’t you think it’s nice out?
B: Yes, I think so too.
A: I think that it’s going to rain.
B: I hope that it does rain.
A: You like the rain?
B: The sky looks so clean after it rains. I love it.
A: I understand. Rain does make it smell cleaner.
B: I love most how it is at night after it rains.
A: How come?
B: You can see the stars so much more clearly after it rains.
A: I would love for it to rain today.
B: I would too.

A: I really want to go to the beach this weekend.
B: That sounds like fun. What’s the weather going to be like?
A: I heard that it’s going to be warm this weekend.
B: Is it going to be perfect beach weather?
A: I believe so.
B: Good. I hope it doesn’t cool off this weekend.
A: I know. I really want to go to the beach.
B: But you know that California weather is really unpredictable.
A: You’re right. One minute it’s hot, and then the next minute it’s cold.
B: I really wish the weather would just stay the same.
A: I do too. That way we can have our activities planned ahead of time.
B: Yeah, that would make things a lot easier.

A: I would like to take a trip to the beach this weekend.
B: A trip to the beach would be fun. How is the weather going to be?
A: The forecast says that it will be warm on the weekend.
B: So do you think it’ll be perfect weather for the beach?
A: It sounds like it will be.
B: I really hope it doesn’t get cold.
A: That would ruin things, I want to go so badly.
B: The weather in California is unpredictable, so you never know.
A: That is true. The weather is constantly changing.
B: It would be nice if the weather would never change.
A: That would be great, then we could plan things sooner.
B: True. Predictable weather would make life easier.
A: It would be nice to go to the beach sometime this weekend.
B: What’s the weather going to be like? I may want to go too.
A: The weather this weekend is supposed to be warm.
B: Will it be good beach weather?
A: I think it will be.
B: It wouldn’t be good if it got cold this weekend.
A: I want this trip to be perfect, I hope it stays warm.
B: This California weather is so uncertain, it’s impossible to know what’ll happen.
A: I know. Every day the weather seems different.
B: I would love it if it wasn’t always so unpredictable.
A: That would make it easier for us to make plans.
B: I know. Things are easier when you know what the weather’s going to be like.