Looking for a Job

A: Hey Dennis, this is Ron. How’s it going?

B: Hi, Ron. I’m looking for a summer job. I was hoping you could help me.

A: Okay, how can I help you?

B: Well, I was wondering if you could hook me up at the place you work.

A: No problem. I don’t know if they’re hiring, but I’ll find out.

B: Aw man, you’re the bomb!

A: What kind of job you are interested in doing?

B: Anything you think that I can do will be fine.

A: I’ll talk to my boss in the morning and get back to you.

B: Thanks, man. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

A: Anything else you need me to do?

B: No. I’m waiting to hear from you.


A: Okay, I talked to my boss. Here’s his phone number.

B: Thanks a lot, bud. Did he say he has an open position?

A: No, but he said he would talk to you.

B: That’s great! Hey, thanks again.

A: You know, you should also go online to look for work

B: Online? Where?

A: There are many job search websites.

B: Do you know any by name?

A: Just Google “Jobs in L.A.” and you’ll find some.

B: Okay, I’ll try that when I get home.

A: You can do it on your smartphone, you know.

B: I know, but I think it’s better at home, thanks again.

A: I am so excited. I’ve got my first job interview.

B: Interview for what?

A: It’s an engineering internship for the city of L.A.

B: Wow, that’s impressive.

A: I’m preparing for the interview by practicing with my sister.

B: What exactly are you doing?

A: We’re doing mock interviews.

B: Is that helpful?

A: It sure is. She recorded our first interview, and pointed out things I should avoid.

B: What are some of the things she saw?

A: She said that I said,”You know” too much, and that I looked nervous.

B: Cool! That should help.

A: It has. I feel so confident now.

B: Well, good luck, my friend.

A: Good morning. Welcome to ABC Technologies.

B: Hi, good morning.

A: How can I help you?

B: I have an appointment with Mr. Rogers today.

A: Oh, what time is that? I don’t see it on his schedule.

B: Well there’s no set time. I’m an old friend of his.

A: Okay, Let me call him. What is your name?

B: I’m Tom Williams. He will know me.

A: Just a minute, sir. Please take a seat.

B: Thank you.

A: Yes, Mr. Williams. Mr. Rogers will see you soon.

B: That’s wonderful. I know how busy he is. Thanks.

A: Good morning. My name is Robert Stevens.

B: Good morning, Mr. Stevens. My name is Richard Jones.

A: Please have a seat, and let’s get started.

B: Thank you, Mr. Stevens.

A: Please call me Robert, and I’ll call you Richard. We are informal here.

B: That’s good to know, Robert. Thanks.

A: I see you have two years experience. Can you tell me a little about that?

B: Oh, yes. I worked in the mailroom at Acme Corporation last year.

A: Go on, please.

B: It was a temporary job, but I gained a lot of experience.

A: Excellent! We are always looking for someone with experience.

B: I think this experience will help me blend into a job working here.

A: Hello, my name is Angela Davis.

B: Good morning, Angela. I am Dick Williams. I’ll be interviewing you today.

A: Good morning, Mr. Williams.

B: So, what do you know about our company, Angela?

A: Well, I did a little Internet research last night, and I know the company is growing.

B: Excellent! What else?

A: I learned the company is a leading seller of office technology equipment.

B: That’s good, Angela. I’m happy to see you taking the time to do research.

A: Thank you, Mr. Williams.

B: I am going to recommend you for the job.

A: Thanks again.

B: Someone will contact you soon. Congratulations!

A: That concludes my part of the interview. Do you have any questions for me?

B: Yes, thank you, Mr. Thompson, I do.

A: Okay, what’s on your mind?

B: Is this a new position?

A: Yes, we have created this new position recently.

B: If you hire me, when do you want me to start?

A: We plan to hire someone by the end of this month.

B: Are there some times of the year that are busier than others?

A: Yes. The summer months are very busy here.

B: That’s good to know. Does it matter if I take night classes?

A: No. The hours for the job are in the daytime.

B: Okay, I have no more questions. Thank you.

A: Hello, may I speak to Susan, please?

B: Yes, this is Susan.

A: This is Mr. Jones from the ABC Company.

B: Hello, Mr. Jones.

A: I have a job offer if you are still interested.

B: Oh, that’s wonderful. Is it for the customer service job?

A: Yes, we would like you to start next Monday. It pays $15 per hour.

B: Next Monday? Sure. I’ll take it.

A: Super. I’ll email you some literature you can read about our company.

B: Oh, that’s great news, Mr. Jones.

A: Welcome to the ABC Company. We’ll see you Monday.

B: Okay, Monday it is. See you then.

A: Hello.

B: Hi, baby, it’s Joe.

A: What’s up, honey?

B: I just got off work. What are you doing tonight?

A: I don’t have any plans. I’ll be getting home at about 6:00.

B: Well, I got a hold of some Dodger tickets for tonight.

A: How did you manage that?

B: A friend at work was selling them. He couldn’t go himself.

A: That’s great! Who are they playing?

B: They’re playing the Giants. It should be a good game.

A: Alright then, count me in.

B: Okay, I’ll pick you up at 6:30.

A: Hey Alice, do you have a stapler I can use?

B: Of course I do. It’s on my desk.

A: Thanks. Mine broke two weeks ago.

B: Didn’t you put in a office supply request?

A: I asked Joseph if he would get me one.

B: I know he’s in charge, but you should submit a form.

A: A form? What form?

B: An Office Supply form. Don’t rely on Joseph. Put it in writing.

A: Oh, I could use a couple of other supplies, too.

B: Yes, by all means, get what you need.

A: Where are these forms?

B: I’ll email it to you. Just print it, and send it in.

A: Thanks, Alice.

B: No problem.

A: Hi, Michelle. What are you up to?

B: I’m looking for work online.

A: Cool! What kind of job are you looking for?

B: I need a part-time job, but I’m not doing too well.

A: I’m pretty good at this. Can I help?

B: You sure can.

A: Okay, let’s see. You can narrow your search on this site.

B: How can I do that?

A: Go to the “Advanced Search” button and click on it.

B: I see it. Okay, now what?

A: There are many options. You can search by city, by job, or pay.

B: I see. Let me try searching by city. Thanks.

A: Hello, my name is Sally. I am hoping you could help me.

B: Of course I can, that’s what I’m here for.

A: I want to look for a job, but I don’t have Internet access at home.

B: That’s okay, let’s get started.

A: Great! What do I do first?

B: You’re going to need an email address. Do you have one?

A: Yes, I have my own email.

B: Okay, I can show you a couple of good websites for jobs.

A: That would be awesome! Thanks.

B: We also have job bulletins on that table over there. You can search through those, too.

A: Well, thank you, miss. I greatly appreciate your help.

B: No problem. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

A: Hey, Richard, I could sure use your help.

B: What is it, Jerry?

A: I can’t seem to land an interview.

B: Have you applied to many places?

A: Yes I have. I’ve sent out about 50 resumes.

B: Did you include cover letters?

A: On some I did, others, no.

B: Well, that may be your problem. You should always include a cover letter.

A: Really? Why?

B: It shows you took the time to research the company. HR people like that.

A: Okay, I will. Thanks.

B: You’re welcome. I think you will see more interest in your resume now.

A: This is the first time I’ve ever had to do a timesheet.

B: Well, they’re very easy to do.

A: You’ve done this before. Maybe you can help me.

B: Sure, I can help.

A: What do I need?

B: You’ll need your employee number.

A: Okay, I’ll look it up.

B: Once you have that, all you need to do is log your hours.

A: I have a good idea what hours I worked this week.

B: You need to be accurate.

A: It will be pretty close.

B: It must be exact. You don’t want to cheat the company, or yourself.


A: Hi! How are you?

B: I’m doing good. How are you?

A: I’m great, but a little nervous.

B: Why is that?

A: I have a phone interview for a job in an hour.

B: A phone interview? That’s great!

A: It is, but I’m convinced I’m going to mess it up.

B: Oh, you shouldn’t say that. You’ll be fine.

A: I wish I had your confidence.

B: Just relax, and be yourself. A phone interview is easier than in person.

A: That’s right. I wasn’t looking at it that way.

B: Be yourself. Don’t pretend to be anyone else, and you’ll do well.

A: Good morning, Jet Office Products.

B: Hello, my name is Richard Lee, and I would like to make an appointment.

A: Good morning, Mr. Lee. My name is Sheila.

B: Hello, Sheila. I was asked by Mrs. Roberts to schedule a meeting with her.

A: Is this for an interview?

B: No, I’ve already interviewed with her.

A: Oh, I see. It’s for a follow-up meeting. When are you free?

B: My schedule is fairly open. When will she be available?

A: How about Tuesday at 9 a.m.?

B: This Tuesday, the 5th?

A: Yes, that’s correct.

B: That will be fine. I’ll be there. Thanks.

A: Good afternoon. Jet Office Products.

B: Hello, my name is Richard Lee. I need to reschedule an appointment.

A: I could help you with that.

B: I have an appointment for 9 a.m. Tuesday that I need to change.

A: Who was your appointment with?

B: I was scheduled to see Mrs. Roberts.

A: Okay. Thank you for calling.

B: You’re welcome. Can I reschedule?

A: Yes, of course. When will you be free?

B: Does Mrs. Roberts have any time on Wednesday?

A: No, but she’s free Thursday afternoon at 1:00 p.m.

B: That’s perfect. Thank you. I’ll see her then.

A: Good morning, Peterson Industries.

B: Hello, Betty. This is Roger.

A: Hey, Roger. Where are you?

B: I am stuck on the 60 freeway. I’m going to be late for work.

A: Oh, no. Any traffic accident happened?

B: I really don’t know, Betty. All I know is that traffic is crawling.

A: I will tell your supervisor you called in late.

B: That would be great, but I could tell him myself.

A: Well, normally that would be okay, but he’s stuck in the same traffic jam.

B: Oh no! Really? Okay.

A: At least he’ll know your excuse is true!

B: Yes. Thank you. See you soon.

A: Please have a seat.

B: Thank you.

A: I am very disappointed in you.

B: I know. Believe me, I tried very hard to make your deadline.

A: I was depending on that report.

B: I know, but unexpected circumstances came up.

A: Unexpected circumstances?

B: Yes. I would have had it ready in time, but the computer crashed.

A: The company computer crashed?

B: Yes, it did. I had weeks of saved work on it when it crashed.

A: So your report was ready?

B: Yes, it was. The crash deleted all my work.

A: Okay, I’ll check with IT. Thanks.

B: You’re welcome.

A: Hi! How are you?

B: I’m doing good. Hey, did you apply for the job?

A: I sure did. I’m meeting your boss today.

B: Today, but it’s Saturday.

A: I know. I’m meeting with him at a restaurant later.

B: That’s cool. He must be very interested.

A: Can you describe him?

B: Sure. He’s a tall Asian, who is a bit overweight with long black hair.

A: Well, that helps. This is the first time I will see him.

B: He’s really friendly, and he always wears a tie.

A: Okay, thanks. That helps.

B: No problem, my friend. Good luck on your interview.

A: Hello, this is my first time here. I could use some help.

B: Okay, I can help. What is it you want to do?

A: I need to use the database on your computer.

B: Well, I need something from you before I can allow you to do that.

A: What do you need from me?

B: I will need you to fill out this form, and show me identification.

A: Okay, I’ll do that. I can then search your database?

B: Oh, no. You’ll need to ask for permission.

A: Here’s the form and my ID.

B: Wonderful. You can ask Mr. Lee for permission now.

A: That’s super. Thanks.

B: You’re welcome. Good luck.

A: how’s it going?

B: Same old stuff. What’s up?

A: I’m working on this project. Can you look at it?

B: Yeah, I’ll take a look at it. What is it supposed to be?

A: It’s a presentation on how to increase productivity.

B: Really? This is your project?

A: Yes. I came up with an idea, and my boss wants to see it.

B: That’s awesome. Let’s see it.

A: Well, that’s it. What do you think?

B: I really liked the graphics. I think it’s a winner.

A: That’s great. I am really nervous.

B: Don’t be. It is very professional, and it’s a great idea.

A: Hey! Are you busy?

B: Not at the moment. What’s going on?

A: I wanted to run something by you. It’s an idea for work.

B: Okay, shoot.

A: Well, I’m thinking of asking my boss to change the work schedule.

B: Why? What’s your idea?

A: It’s to change from five, eight-hour days, to four, ten-hour days.

B: Wow. That’s a big change. I don’t think he’ll go for it.

A: It’s still 40 hours per week, and everyone will get an extra day off.

B: I don’t think it will work. It’s not a good idea.

A: Why is it not a good idea?

B: Companies should be open five days a week. Sorry, I don’t like it.

A: I just read your proposal.

B: What did you think about it?

A: You definitely have some good ideas.

B: Well, I worked on it very hard.

A: I’m concerned about the cost, though.

B: I thought you might be. Here’s a cost analysis I ran.

A: It says here that your proposal will pay for itself in a year.

B: That’s what I put in the report.

A: That’s impressive. If this is true, I’m certain this can work.

B: I’m quite sure it will work.

A: You have done a good job. We’ll discuss this at our next meeting.

B: I appreciate your confidence in me.

A: How are you?

B: I’m doing well. How are you?

A: I’m fine, thanks. I was wondering if you read my report.

B: Yes, I did read your report.

A: Well, what did you think?

B: To be truthful, I didn’t like it much.

A: Oh, no. Why not?

B: I don’t have the time to discuss this now. Let’s make an appointment.

A: Okay, but generally speaking, what was wrong with it?

B: I just don’t feel confident in it.

A: I can make it work. All I need is time.

B: I like your enthusiasm, but it’s too risky, sorry.

A: Hello, my name is George. What’s your name?

B: Hi George, I’m Christine. Nice to meet you.

A: Hi Christine. Have you worked here long?

B: Almost two years now, and you?

A: This is my first week. I really like it so far.

B: Yes, it’s a good place to work.

A: I like how it seems so organized.

B: That’s one of the things I like best, too.

A: The benefits aren’t bad, either.

B: No, they’re not. I especially like the health plan.

A: That’s great. I’ll be eligible in July for that.

B: You’re going to like it here. This is the best place I’ve worked.

A: Oh, I am so tired.

B: I know what you mean.

A: I don’t know if I can continue working like this.

B: I know. I’ve been doing it a lot longer than you.

A: Isn’t there something we can do?

B: I have complained about the double shifts before.

A: What has management told you?

B: They said they are hiring more people, and that this is temporary.

A: I need this job, but I don’t like these hours at all.

B: Just hang in there. I’m sure it will change.

A: It’d better change, and the sooner the better.

B: You’re right. People may start leaving.

A: I know a lot of you have been working double shifts lately.

B: Yes, we have.

A: I am pleased to say that we have hired some help.

B: Alright! That’s great. When do they start?

A: One person will start next week. The others will follow.

B: Only one? You promised more help last week.

A: I know I did, but the search has taken longer than I thought.

B: Oh, no. That’s terrible.

A: Don’t worry. I promise you all, I’ll get some help.

B: Okay, thanks. These 16-hour days are killing us.

A: Help is on the way. I promise.

B: That’s good enough for us.