Shopping Budget

A: Check out my birthday haul!

B: Wow, that’s a lot of cash!

A: My relatives were really generous.

B: What are you gonna buy with it?

A: Well, I’m going to save half of it.

B: What?! You could buy so much with this!

A: I know, but I want to save some for later.

B: Well, maybe you can still afford that new video game.

A: No way! I’m going to stretch this money.

B: How are you going to do that?

A: I’m going to buy used games instead.

B: Well, I guess a used game is better than nothing.


A: Do you want to come with me to Walmart?

B: What do you need to buy?

A: I’m out of groceries.

B: Groceries are expensive at Walmart!

A: You really think so?

B: Yes! You should buy groceries at the market.

A: I also need some new blankets.

B: Well, you’d buy that at Walmart.

A: If Walmart sells both, why go to different stores?

B: You’ll save money if you do.

A: Why will I save money by going to different stores?

B: Stores have different prices for different things.

A: I got my roommate today!

B: That’s great! When do you move in?

A: I move in next week.

B: Is there anything you have to take?

A: Yeah, there are a few things.

B: Write down a list so we can go shopping.

A: Alright. Here you go, I’m all done!

B: This is a pretty long list!

A: There’s a lot of stuff I need.

B: I don’t think you need a disco ball.

A: Of course I do! It goes with the strobe light.

B: Please write a more practical list.

A: I need new clothes.

B: What kinds of new clothes?

A: I want something stylish.

B: What do you want new clothes for?

A: Well, school starts again in a week.

B: Looking good costs money, though.

A: I know what you mean.

B: The stuff you’re looking for is expensive.

A: Yeah, I don’t have much money.

B: Maybe you should try bargain shopping.

A: That sounds like something my mom would do.

B: Hey, moms are good at saving money.

A: That is such a cute dress!

B: Thanks! I bought it yesterday.

A: Have you worn it yet?

B: No, I have to accessorize it first!

A: Did you buy everything you needed?

B: Yep! I have a matching belt, a purse, and shoes now!

A: Well, put it on so we can see it!

B: What do you think?

A: It looks nice on you!

B: Are you sure it doesn’t make me look fat?

A: No way! It totally flatters your figure.

B: Thanks! I hope my boyfriend likes it, too.

A: I don’t know which size to get.

B: Why don’t you check your shoes?

A: Sizes are different with each shoe style.

B: I guess you’ll have to measure your foot.

A: how do I do that?

B: There’s a chart by your chair you put your foot on.

A: Oh, I found it, thanks.

B: What size are you?

A: I’m a size eight.

B: You have a small shoe size for a man.

A: It’s alright, shoe size doesn’t matter.

B: No. Shoe size does matter.

A: Hey, where are you headed?

B: I’m going to choose some furniture at Ikea.

A: Are you redecorating?

B: Yeah. I’m tired of having mismatched furniture.

A: What are you planning to buy?

B: A couch, a coffee table, and a reading chair.

A: Won’t that be expensive?

B: There’s a great sale going on right now!

A: Oh, that’s great! You’ll get good prices.

B: I hope I find what I’m looking for.

A: Will you have it delivered?

B: No. I borrowed a pickup truck from a friend.

A: I can’t believe the coffee maker broke!

B: Well, it was a pretty old model.

A: I guess it did last quite a few years.

B: We should buy a new one.

A: Do you want to buy the same model?

B: Maybe it’s time we upgrade.

A: What do you mean by that?

B: Well, now we can buy a better coffee maker.

A: What did you have in mind?

B: Maybe something with more functions!

A: I would really like an expresso maker.

B: It’s settled, then! We’ll buy a new coffee maker!

A: Excuse me, sir. How much for this lamp?

B: I’ll sell it to you for $50.

A: Oh, no! That’s way too expensive.

B: What price did you have in mind?

A: Maybe something closer to one fourth that much.

B: I might as well give it away for that price!

A: What about half?

B: That’s still not enough of a profit.

A: I’ll give you $30 for it.

B: Make it $35 and you’ve got a deal.

A: Alright, that sounds good to me.

B: You sure drive a hard bargain!

A: This is the perfect birthday cake for my son!

B: What day do you need the cake?

A: His party is on Saturday.

B: Would you like to have it delivered?

A: Oh yes, please. Sometime in the morning would be perfect.

B: I can have someone drop it off at 10:30 a.m.

A: That sounds perfect! It’s settled.

B: Great! That will be $20 for the cake and $5 for delivery.

A: Can the delivery man enter through the back door?

B: Of course! Just write down your address, please.

A: There, all done! I also wrote my phone number.

B: Alright, thank you! Have a good day!

A: Hello, how can I help you?

B: I’m calling about your delivery service.

A: What seems to be the problem?

B: The delivery was scheduled to arrive over an hour ago.

A: Your cake has not arrived?

B: No, and I am very disappointed.

A: I’m sorry about that; we’re a bit behind schedule.

B: You know I needed that cake an hour ago.

A: I understand. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

B: Will the delivery man be here soon?

A: Yes, he will. And he will refund you the delivery fee.

B: Alright. Thank you.

A: Hello, may I please talk to a store manager?

B: Yes. What seems to be the problem?

A: I scheduled some furniture to be delivered today.

B: Would you like to change the delivery time?

A: Yes. Something came up and I won’t be home until 3 p.m.

B: That is not a problem, sir, I’ll fix it.

A: Thank you. I was worried it had already been dispatched.

B: It’s no problem at all.

A: Please tell the deliverymen to be aware of my dog.

B: Does he bite, sir?

A: No, but he may trip someone.

B: I’ll make sure they’re on high alert.

A: Thank you for coming so quickly.

B: What seems to be the problem?

A: All the channels suddenly stopped working.

B: Did you make sure all the cables are plugged in?

A: Yes, I checked and double checked them.

B: There may be some kind of signal interference.

A: Is there any way you can test that?

B: Of course! Give me a moment, please.

A: Do you know what the problem is?

B: Not quite yet. So you can’t change the channels?

A: No, not at all.

B: Well, you’ll be able to once you change the remote batteries.

A: Excuse me. I would like to return this.

B: What seems to be the problem?

A: It’s not working correctly.

B: When did it start having problems?

A: As soon as I took it out of the box.

B: I see. Would you like to exchange it?

A: No, I think I’d just like my money back.

B: Alright. Did you pay with a credit card?

A: Yes, I paid with the store credit card.

B: I’ll return the purchase price to your card.

A: Can I get any cash in return?

B: No. You now have store credit in your card.

A: I would like to buy this new laptop, please.

B: Would you like to buy the warranty?

A: What is a warranty?

B: It’s something that fixes your machine should it break.

A: How does it work?

B: If your laptop breaks, just bring it in and we’ll fix it.

A: How much is the laptop?

B: It costs $550 without tax.

A: How much is the warranty?

B: The warranty is $40 for two years.

A: I think I’ll be fine with just the laptop.

B: Alright, but you can always change your mind.

A: Hi, I need assistance, please.

B: How can I help you today?

A: My phone refuses to turn on anymore.

B: It looks like it short circuited.

A: Well, I did drop it many times.

B: I’m afraid I can’t help you.

A: I guess I’ll have to use the warranty.

B: According to your contract, you may choose a new phone.

A: I’ll just get the same brand again.

B: Will you need the warranty?

A: No. Just have the phone.

B: Make sure you don’t go dropping it!

A: Excuse me; I’d like to use the warranty on my phone.

B: What do you mean use the warranty?

A: The warranty promises a new phone if this one breaks.

B: Did something happen to it?

A: I dropped it and the screen cracked very badly.

B: It says here that your warranty has expired.

A: What! That can’t be true!

B: I’m afraid it was only good for a year, sir.

A: What am I supposed to do with a busted phone?

B: Well, if you trade it in, you’ll get a discount.

A: Well, I suppose it won’t hurt.

B: I suggest you buy a longer warranty on this one, sir.