Outside the home. During this English lesson you will learn the vocabulary for things you might find outside a home / house. After you will learn how to have a basic conversation about repairing things outside the home.

outside the home

home outside

1 lamppost 2 mailbox 3 front walk 4 front steps
5 (front) porch 6 storm door 7 front door 8 doorbell
9 (front) light 10 window 11 (window) screen 12 shutter
13 roof 14 garage 15 garage door 16 driveway
17 lawn chair 18 lawnmower 19 tool shed 20 screen door
21 back door 22 door knob 23 deck 24 barbecue/(outdoor) grill
25 patio 26 gutter 27 drainpipe 28 satellite dish
29 TV antenna 30 chimney 31 side door 32 fence

Conversation on the telephone

A. Peter’s home repairs.
B. Hello. Do you fix _______________s?
A. No, we don’t
B. Oh, okay. thank you
Conversation at work

A. What did you do this weekend?
B. Nothing much. I repaired my _________ and __________.

A. When are you going to repair the lamppost?

B. I’m going to repair it next Saturday.

  • Outside Places
airport gas station railroad
apartment grass river
area grocery store road
bank highway school
barbershop hill shopping center
beach hospital shops
building hotel sidewalk
bus stop house street
church land suburb
city library sun
corner moon town
country mountain traffic light
drugstore neighborhood train station
farm ocean tree
florist park yard
garden post office