Medical advice is the provision of a formal professional opinion regarding what a specific individual should or should not do to restore or preserve health. Typically, medical advice involves giving a diagnosis and/or prescribing a treatment for medical condition.

Medical advice

Medical advice

1 rest in bed 5 exercise 9 heating pad 15 blood work/blood tests
2 drink fluids 6 take vitamins 10 humidifier 16 tests
3 gargle 7 see a specialist 11 air purifier 17 physical therapy
4 go on a diet 8 get acupuncture 12 cane 18 surgery
13 walker 19 counseling
14 wheelchair 20 braces


A. What did the doctor say?
B. The doctor thinks
I should …

[1~8] .
I should use a/an …[9-14] I need…[15-20]