An alterations specialist or alterationist adjusts the fit of completed garments, usually ready-to-wear, or restyles them. No one like making alterations as tailors. All they do is adjust, modify and otherwise alter people’s ill fitting clothes.

Making Alterations

Making Alterations

1. dressmaker 4. collar 7. pocket
2. dressmaker’s dummy 5. waistband 8. hem
3. tailor 6. sleeve 9. cuff


10. needle 12. (straight) pin 14. safety pin 16. pair of scissors 18. seam ripper
1 1. thread 13. pin cushion 15. thimble 17. tape measure


A. Lengthen the pants. B. Shorten the pants. C. Let out the pants. D. Take in the pants.

A: Would you hand me the thread?
B: OK. What are you going to do?
A: I’m going to take in these pants.