Looking for an apartment conversation

How to Find an Apartment (1)

A: Can you help me find an apartment?

B: Sure, I would be happy to help.

A: I’m having trouble starting my search.

B: I would try driving around the neighborhood, and looking for any signs that say RENT.

A: That’s a good start. Thank you.

B: Don’t mention it.

A: Do you have any other advice you can offer?

B: Yes. Try searching on the Internet for apartments.

A: The Internet? Are you sure?

B: The Internet is a great place for people to sell and buy all sorts of things.

A: Even renting out apartments?

B: Yes, even that. Just be sure to always be safe in all transactions.

A: Thank you for your help.

B: You’re welcome.


A: I’m looking for an apartment. Have you seen any apartments for rent?

B: No, I have not. I’ll keep an eye out.

A: Thank you. That’s very helpful of you.

B: You’re welcome. What kind of an apartment are you looking for?

A: An apartment with one bedroom.

B: In what city?

A: In the city of Pasadena.

B: You should try looking in the local newspaper.

A: That’s a good idea. I’ll try that today.

B: Let me know if you find any apartments.

A: Alright, I’ll keep you in the loop.

B: Good luck in your search.

A: I found an apartment!

B: That’s great to hear. I congratulate you.

A: Thank you. I’m so glad I finally found one.

B: How did you find it?

A: On the computer.

B: How did you know to look there?

A: A friend told me to look online.

B: Where is the apartment?

A: In Pasadena.

B: That’s a nice town. How big is the apartment?

A: It’s big enough for me.

B: You should meet with a Rental Agent.

A: What for?

B: To get a professional opinion.

A: Good idea. Know of any?

B: You could talk to mine. Here’s his business card.

A: Are you the Rental Agent?

B: Yes, I am. Welcome to my office.

A: It’s nice to meet you. Thank you.

B: How did you hear about me?

A: A friend referred me to you.

B: Oh really. I’m glad.

A: He said you were the right person to talk to about renting an apartment.

B: That’s nice to hear. I’m flattered. How can I help you?

A: I found an apartment in Pasadena, and I wanted a second opinion.

B: Sure. Do you have the apartment’s information?

A: Yes, I do. Here it is.

B: Thank you.

A: Is it a good apartment?

B: Yes. It seems fine to me.

A: That’s good to hear.

B: There is only one issue.

A: What is it?

B: The landlord is asking for too much money.

A: What should I do?

B: Negotiate with him.

A: I’m not such a good negotiator. Can you do it for me?

B: For a small fee, I sure can.

A: Alright, you have the deal.

B: I’ll call him this evening

A: Is the location of the apartment a good one?

B: Yes. I would say so.

A: Why is that?

B: The city of Pasadena is generally safe. Have you been there?

A: Yes, it’s relatively calm.

B: Do have any other concerns about the location?

A: Is the apartment’s location near any shopping areas?

B: Yes, it is.

A: What shopping areas?

B: There is a place called Old Town where a lot of shops are located.

A: How far away is Old Town from the apartment’s location?

B: Ten minutes away on car.

A: And on foot?

B: Twenty minutes on foot.

A: The apartment seems nice.

B: It sure does.

A: I just have a few questions to ask.

B: About what?

A: The apartment’s location.

B: Ask away. I’ll try my best to answer them.

A: Is the location in close proximity to the police department?

B: Yes, it is. Only fifteen minutes away.

A: What about the fire department?

B: Not as close as the police department, but still not far.

A: That’s good to hear. Thanks for the answers.

B: Don’t mention it. It was my pleasure to help.

A:: What can you tell me about the neighborhood?

B: Only good things.

A: Like what, for example?

B: The neighborhood is a safe and clean place.

A: Is there any crime?

B: There is hardly any crime that is reported.

A: I wonder why that is.

B: There is a neighborhood watch that patrols daily.

A: That explains crime disparity.

B: Any other questions?

A: Who are the residents living in the neighborhood?

B: Mostly families and some retired folks.

A: Sounds like a pleasant neighborhood.

B: It really is. I hope you enjoy living there.

A: I have a few questions regarding the neighborhood.

B: Alright, let’s hear them.

A: Does the neighborhood look good aesthetically?

B: Yes, very much so.

A: That’s good news. Can you describe how?

B: The neighborhood is abundant with plant life.

A: You mean like trees and bushes?

B: Yes, and not just any regular trees and bushes. The ones here are beautiful.

A: Anything else you can describe?

B: Yes. The streets are nicely paved, and the street lights are quite quaint.

A: Wow, I could just picture it now.

B: The neighborhood will look even better in person.

A: Tell me about the apartment’s safety features.

B: What would you like to know?

A: Do the front and back door equip with locks?

B: But of course, they do.

A: What kind of locks do they have?

B: The best deadbolt locks in town.

A: I’m glad to hear that.

B: Rest assured that you will be safe and sound in your new apartment.

A: That’s comforting to hear. I thank you for your words.

B: Not a problem. Do you have any other questions or concerns?

A: Let me think for a second.

B: Take all the time you need.

A: Alright, I got one.

B: Okay, let’s hear it.

A: Does the apartment have an alarm system?

B: It in fact does! It’s a very important safety feature to have.

A: Do you have the floor plan to the apartment?

B: Yes I do. Would you like to take a look at it?

A: Yes I would, if you don’t mind.

B: Not at all. By all means, take a look for yourself.

A: Where did you get this piece of paper of the floor plan?

B: I have access to this kind of information.

A: I see. Can you help me read this?

B: Sure I can. What would you like to know?

A: How big is the living room?

B: According to the floor plan it is 20 feet long and 15 feet wide.

A: Oh, so that’s what those numbers mean.

B: Right. This apartment has a good floor plan.



A: Is there any kind of discrimination committed in the city?

B: Not that I have witnessed.

A: What about any reports?

B: Of discrimination? I wouldn’t know, to be honest.

A: Do you know where I could get access to that kind of information?

B: Perhaps the police department. What made you ask in the first place?

A: I was just curious. It never hurts to ask.

B: I wouldn’t worry too much about discrimination.

A: Why do you say that?

B: We live in progressive times now.

A: That doesn’t mean discrimination isn’t committed in this day and age.

B: I guess you are right.

A: Hello, I would like to schedule an appointment to view the apartment.

B: Sure thing. What is your name?

A: My name is Lisa.

B: Okay, Lisa. I have an appointment available at three o’clock.

A: Three o’clock is just fine. On what day would that be?

B: I have days available from Saturday through Monday.

A: Can you do Friday instead?

B: No, I’m sorry. My son is visiting on Friday.

A: I understand. In that case, can I come the following day?

B: Saturday? that’s great! See you then.

A: Good afternoon. Are you the person renting out the apartment?

B: Yes, I am. What can I do for you?

A: I’m interested in viewing the apartment.

B: Alright, would like to make an appointment?

A: Yes, I very much would.

B: What time are you available?

A: Mostly after sundown on weekdays. What days are good for you?

B: I work in the evenings Monday through Friday. Are you available at any time on the weekends?

A: I’m available on Sunday. How about three o’clock Sunday afternoon?

B: That’s a perfect time for me.

A: Great! I’ll come over at three on Sunday.

B: Sure! I’m expecting you.

A: It’s a nice apartment.

B: I knew you would like it. Who wouldn’t?

A: There is only one issue.

B: What is it? Is it the next door neighbor?

A: No, he’s great. I was talking about the price.

B: What about the price? It’s a fair price, if I do say so myself.

A: I think it’s a little too high for me. Is there anything you can do for me?

B: I’m not sure if I can.

A: Listen, I would be the perfect tenant.

B: And how is that?

A: Well, I always make my payments on time. You can check my credit score.

B: Alright, that’s good to hear.

A: I sleep early, and am very respectable. I also have no pets.

B: I think I’ve heard enough. You sound like a good tenant. I’m going to reduce the monthly rent by $100.

A: Is there anything I can say or do to make you lower the monthly rent?

B: I doubt it, but let me hear you out.

A: If you lower the price, I will mow the lawn and trim the hedges every month.

B: No, I already have someone who does that.

A: What if I give you the first two months’ rent in advance?

B: No deal. Sorry, kid.

A: Looks like I can’t convince you to lower the rent.

B: I’m sorry, but that was a good effort.

A: I guess I’m going to have such a hard time paying rent.

B: Don’t look so down now.

A: I can’t help it.

B: Alright, you win! I’ll lower the price.

A: I think I’m ready to sign the lease.

B: Good! Let me just go over some key points.

A: If you feel the need to do so, then go ahead.

B: By signing this contract, you are agreeing to rent the apartment for a certain amount of time.

A: Yes, I am aware of this. The lease is for one year.

B: Are you ready to make that commitment?

A: Yes, I am. What else?

B: No pets in the apartment.

A: Don’t worry. I have no pets.

B: There’ll be a late fee of $20 if you don’t pay on time.

A: I have no problem with that. Where do I sign?

B: Write your signature here, and your initials here and here.

A: Let’s discuss the security deposit.

B: Do you have the full amount for the deposit?

A: I think I do. How much was it again?

B: It was a total of $1,000.

A: Can you please explain how a security deposit works?

B: You don’t know? I thought you did.

A: I just want to make sure I have it correct.

B: The security deposit ensures coverage for any damages you may cause to the apartment at your departure.

A: I see. Is that it or is there more to it?

B: The security deposit also could be used to help repay any owing rent you may have.

A: Okay, that’s what I was thinking. Thanks for confirming that information.

B: Sure thing. You’re welcome.

A: This is a great apartment.

B: I’m glad you found it to your liking.

A: I knew I would, judging from the description I read.

B: Are you ready to discuss payment?

A: Yes, I think I am.

B: You will have to pay for the security deposit.

A: Security deposit? What is that for?

B: It’s simply money you give to me as a kind of insurance in case you cause any damage to the apartment.

A: I understand. That makes sense.

B: So are you ready to pay the deposit?

A: How much are you asking?

B: It’s at least $1,000 for the security deposit.

A: Alright, I could provide that much.

B: Perfect! I think we are ready to sign the lease.

A: What’s your policy towards owning pets in the apartment?

B: I usually don’t permit any kind of pets.

A: Would you be willing to make an exception?

B: It depends on the pet. Are you a pet owner?

A: I have a few rabbits and hamsters.

B: How many exactly?

A: I have two rabbits and three hamsters.

B: As long as you keep them inside your apartment I don’t see why they would be a problem.

A: I’m guessing cats and dogs are not permitted?

B: Not, they are not. I’m sorry to say.

A: Did something happen that made you change your policy towards cats and dogs?

B: Yes. A tenant previously owned a dog and the dog attacked another tenant one day.

A: Everything seems to be in order. I’m ready to move into the apartment.

B: Good, I welcome you to your new home.

A: Is there anything else I should know before I start my move?

B: Now that you mention it, yes, there is. It’s the policy I have on pets.

A: Do you allow any kind of pets?

B: Only caged pets, I’m sorry to say. I hope this won’t be a problem.

A: Actually, I might prove to be problematic because I have a cat.

B: There lies the problem. I’m sorry, but some of the other tenants have allergies to cats.

A: That’s too bad. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the kitten.

B: Perhaps you can give it away. Do you know of anyone who might want a cat?

A: No, not really. What about you? Would you like a cat?

B: Me? Well, I’ve never owned a pet before, let alone a cat.

A: Cats make great companions. Please take mine. You would be doing me a huge favor.

A: Can I check the apartment for any damages?

B: Absolutely, let me accompany you.

A: Did the previous tenant maintain the apartment well?

B: For the most part, yes. A few repairs had to be made.

A: What kind of repairs?

B: Mostly plumbing repairs, but the exterior of the apartment is immaculate.

A: Whoa, you weren’t kidding. This apartment is in mint condition.

B: I wouldn’t worry too much about the plumbing.

A: It’s all in working condition?

B: Yes, I guarantee that is. I hired the best plumber in town to fix the minor problems it had.

A: That’s good to hear. I think I’ve finished checking the apartment.

B: Don’t hesitate to notify me of any concerns that may arise.

A: Would it be okay if I checked the apartment for any damages?

B: That’s fine with me. Step inside.

A: Thank you. I’ll take a quick look around.

B: Feel free to take your time.

A: Right away I noticed some cracks on the kitchen tile.

B: Where? Can you show me?

A: Yes. It’s right at the corner, next to the sink.

B: I see it. I’ll have that repaired right away.

A: Thank you. That would be great.

B: Take a carful look around the apartment, and tell me of anything else that needs tending to.

A: Here’s something else. These doors are kind of loose.

B: It’s the screws on them. I’ll have the screws replaced as soon as possible.

A: Do any public buses run nearby?

B: Yes, in fact many buses do.

A: Can you tell me where I can catch them?

B: Down the street the 260 bus picks you up and takes you to Los Angeles.

A: How frequently does it pass?

B: That bus passes every 30 minutes.

A: How much is the fare?

B: For most it’s two dollars and fifty cents.

A: Is it possible to buy some kind of pass for the bus?

B: Yes, you can. There are daily, weekly, and monthly passes you can purchase.

A: Do you know the cost of them?

B: If I’m not mistaken, it’s five dollars for the day, twenty dollars for the week, and fifty for the month.

A: Do you ever take public transportation to get around?

B: Before I frequently did. Not so much anymore. Why do you ask?

A: I wanted some information about the public transportation that is available in the city.

B: I could provide you with some. What would you like to know?

A: What kind of public transportation is there?

B: There is a local shuttle bus that could take you almost anywhere in the city.

A: It does not take you outside the city?

B: Unfortunately it does not. But it’s cheaper than other public buses that do.

A: I see. And where is the nearest stop from here?

B: It’s really close. Just a block away towards that direction.

A: That way? I see. Thank you.

B: You can’t miss it, and you’re welcome.

A: Have you found an apartment?

B: Yes, I have.

A: That’s great. Where is it at?

B: It’s in downtown. Have you ever been there?

A: No, but I hear that area could be kind of sketchy.

B: Don’t worry. The apartment is in a pretty safe part of town.

A: That’s a relief. When are you moving?

B: This weekend, Saturday.

A: Have you hired any movers?

B: No, I have not. Know any good movers?

A: Sure, I’ll give you the number to the movers that can help you.

B: Gee, thanks. I appreciate the favor.

A: You’re welcome.

A: Hey! Did you ever find a new apartment to move into?

B: Yes, I did! The apartment is in a convenient location.

A: Nice! Where is it located?

B: It is in the city of Pasadena and near both my school and job.

A: That’s great! It seems you found the perfect place.

B: Thanks. I’m glad too. Could I ask you for a favor?

A: Sure. What is it?

B: Would you be able to help me move into my new apartment tomorrow?

A: Yes, I would be glad to.

B: Awesome! I just need help moving my furniture in.

A: No problem. I’ll stop by tomorrow morning.

B: Great. Maybe we can go out for pizza right after we finish.

A: I finally found an apartment to move in.

B: That’s great to hear. Kudos to you.

A: Thanks, it wasn’t easy finding one.

B: Are you moving in soon?

A: Yes I am. This weekend, in fact.

B: Have you hired any movers?

A: No, I have not.

B: Why not? Don’t you know of any in the area?

A: That’s not the problem. I don’t think I have enough to afford movers.

B: That’s too bad. Is there anything I could do to help?

A: Actually, I was going to ask for your help.

B: You’re going to need at least one more other person to help you move.

A: You’re right about that. So can I count on you to help me?

B: You bet. I would be happy to help you move.

A: Hey, were you able to find a new home to move into?

B: Yes, I did. Now I just have to move my things over to the new place.

A: That’s great! I’m glad you found a new place.

B: Me too. Have you ever used a moving company before?

A: Yes, I have. And the company is not bad.

B: I’m planning on moving soon. I have never called a moving company before.

A: Oh, I see. You have to call them as soon as possible.

B: Really? Why is that?

A: Moving companies tend to get booked really fast, especially during the summer.

B: That makes sense. I guess I should call a moving company right now.

A: Good luck. I hope the move transitions smoothly.

B: Thanks you for your advice. See you later!

A: Hello, am I calling a moving company? My friend gave me you guys’ number.

B: Yes, this is indeed a moving company.

A: That’s a relief. I thought I was dialing the wrong number.

B: No, you called the right place. Are you in need of any moving assistance?

A: Yes, very much so. I’m moving in one week, and I need a pair of strong and able movers.

B: We can provide you with that kind of help.

A: That would be fantastic.

B: Just give me your information and we’ll have you set up in no time.

A: Thank you very much.

B: You’re welcome. The movers we provide will help with all your belongings.

A: That’s good. I have a lot of stuff.

B: Rest assure, that won’t be a problem.

A: Please be carful with that.

B: Don’t worry, we are professionals. Your furniture is safe in our hands.

A: Thank you. That’s reassuring to hear.

B: Now, where do you want this couch?

A: Let me think. Right here is a good spot.

B: Next to the window over there?

A: Yes, that’s the spot. You could put it down there.

B: Alright, next we have these end tables. Where do you want them?

A: I want them against this wall please.

B: There you are. Nice and gentle. See, I told you we were professionals.

A: Thank you. I feel more secure now seeing you work.

B: Well, that’s good. Let’s go get the rest of your furniture.

B: No problem at all. It’s a pleasure.

A: Can you help me decide where to place them?

B: Sure. Where should we start?

A: Let’s start with the living room. Where do you suggest we place the couch?

B: Maybe against that wall. Then the television can be placed at the opposite end.

A: Good idea. Let’s do that. Thank you for helping.

B: You’re welcome. Where would you like to place these bookshelves?

A: I would like it against the wall with the window.

B: Would you like it placed to the right or left side of the window?

A: I would like it placed on the right side.

B: Good choice. Let’s move the bookshelf together.

A: Hello, is this the water company?

B: Yes it is. How can I help you?

A: I just moved into my first home. I have a few questions.

B: Alright. What questions do you have?

A: What are my payment options?

B: You can pay online, by mail, or in person at designated areas.

A: Are you guys responsible for any plumbing problems?

B: The costumer is responsible for their home plumbing problems.

A: What information do you need in order to begin my water service?

B: We will need your full name, social security number, and the address to your home.

A: Thank you. That is all I need to know.

B: You’re welcome. Thank you for calling. Have a nice day.

A: You have called the Water Company. How may I assist you?

B: Hello, I recently moved into my apartment.

A: Are you calling to activate your billing?

B: Yes, that’s one of the things I’m calling about.

A: What was the other reason for your calling today?

B: There is leakage in one of the pipelines. Is there anything you can do about that?

A: No, I’m sorry. But I could provide you contact with one of our plumbers.

B: No, that’s not necessary, but thank you.

A: As for your billing, what form of payment would you like to have?

B: Can I pay online?

A: Yes, that is a service we do provide for our customers.

B: Alright, I think I’ll go with that form of payment.