Household problems and repairs. Owning and maintaining a home is hard work. Not only do you have to troubleshoot large, structural issues from time to time, but you also have to figure out the best way to deal with smaller, cosmetic problems. These are some common household problems.

household problems

household problems

1 The bathtub is leaking. 2 The sink is clogged. 3 The hot water heater isn’t working. 11 There are_ in the kitchen.
4 The toilet is broken. 5 The roof is leaking. 6 The paint is peeling. a termites

b fleas

8 The cable TV isn’t working. 9 The stove isn’t working. 10 The refrigerator is broken. c ants

d bees

      e cockroaches

f rats

g mice

household problems 2


12 The lock is broken. 13 The front light doesn’t go on. 14 The doorbell doesn’t ring.
15 The power is out in the living room. 16 The chimney is dirty. 17 The tiles in the bathroom are loose.
18 The steps are broken. 19 The door doesn’t open. 20 The heating system is broken.
21 The air conditioning isn’t working.    

Ways to ask about repairs
How much will this repair cost?
When can you begin?
How long will the repair take?
Talk to a repair person
A: Can you fix the roof?
B: Yes, but it will take two weeks.
A: How much will the repair cost?


1. The water heater is not working. 2. The power is out. 3. The roof is leaking.
4. The tile is cracked. 5. The window is broken. 6. The lock is broken.
7. The steps are broken. 8. roofer 9. electrician
10. repair person 11. locksmith 12. carpenter
1 3. fuse box 14. gas meter  



1 5. The furnace is broken. 16. The pipes are frozen. 17. The faucet is dripping.
18. The sink is overflowing. 19. The toilet is stopped up. 20. plumber
21. exterminator 22. termites 23. ants
24. bedbugs 25. fleas 26. cockroaches / roaches
27. rats 28. mice* *Note: one mouse, two mice