Hairdressing conversations

1. Making Requests
A: Can you cut my hair a little differently this time?
B: Sure! How would you like it cut?
A: Well, last time it was a little too long.
B: I see what you mean. How about a bob cut?
A: Can you work some layers into it?
B: Of course! It’s easy.
A: I would also like to keep some bangs.
B: How long would you like them?
A: Maybe down to my eyebrows?
B: Sounds good!
A: I trust you to make me look beautiful.
B: Oh, trust me, you’ll look gorgeous!

2. Paying for the Service
A: I love my new hairstyle!
B: Beauty takes work!
A: And this is your best work yet!
B: Thank you, I’m glad you’re satisfied!
A: How much do I owe you?
B: Well, there was the haircut, and you also got the highlights.
A: Not to mention the lowlights.
B: That’ll be $45.
A: Prices have sure gone up over time!
B: Yes, but beauty is worth it!
A: When I look this good, I guess you’re right.
B: Thank you for letting me cut your hair.

3. Making a Complaint
A: What have you done to my hair?
B: I did exactly what you told me to do.
A: I asked for a light trim, not for a butchering!
B: I had to cut out all the split ends.
A: I look like a grapefruit! My head is too round!
B: It’s a short bob, very stylish.
A: It looks more like a bowl cut to me!
B: It looks fantastic, don’t exaggerate.
A: I hate it! I’m not paying for this!
B: You have to pay me for my labor!
A: I’m never coming here ever again!
B: Trust me, you won’t be missed.