1. Time for Doing the Laundry

A: I don’t have any clean laundry for tomorrow!
B: Well, you should do your laundry then.
A: Laundry is such a hassle!
B: Pack the laundry bags and let’s go to the Laundromat.
A: Oh, alright. I don’t have much, though.
B: Do you have any quarters?
A: Yes. I have enough for the washer and dryer.
B: Alright then, let’s get going.
A: This is going to take forever.
B: The longer you keep complaining, the longer it’ll feel.
A: I’d rather be playing video games.
B: I’d rather you wore a clean shirt to school tomorrow.

2. Operating a Dryer
A: Put your wet clothes into the dryer, please!
B: How long should I put them in for?
A: Put them on low heat for thirty minutes.
B: Why low heat?
A: If the air is too hot, the clothes will shrink.
B: I need to wash another load of laundry.
A: If they’re colored, wash them in cold water.
B: Does warm water make them fade?
A: Yes. Put the detergent here, and don’t use bleach.
B: Oh, that’s where to put the detergent.
A: Don’t forget to add fabric softener after the first rinse.
B: Okay, I won’t. Thanks.

3. Fabric Softener
A: Excuse me. Can I borrow your fabric softener?
B: Of course, take as much as you need.
A: Thank you. You’re very kind.
B: It’s no problem at all.
A: I love the subtle smell of this brand!
B: Me too! It’s not overpowering or strong.
A: I think maybe I’ll buy it for myself, too.
B: What I like about it is that it’s hypoallergenic.
A: No kidding? That’s really something.
B: It’s perfect for washing delicate clothing.
A: Well, thank you for introducing me to this brand!
B: Anytime, no problem!