Driving conversation

Applying for a Driving Permit

A: Hello. I am number G85.

B: How may I help you today?

A: I would like to apply for my driving permit.

B: Are you 16 years old? That’s the minimum age.

A: Yes, I am. Here is my ID.

B: Thank you. May I see your form?

A: Oh, of course. Would I be able to take the written today?

B: If you have the $30, then yes, you can take it.

A: Oh, I must have forgotten my money at home.

B: Well, you can make an appointment to take it tomorrow.

A: That sounds like a good idea.

B: Okay, I will set up the appointment.


A: Before you take your written test, we need to take your picture.

B: Okay, where do I go?

A: I can take the photo. Stand behind the red line, please.

B: Where do I go to take the test?

A: Go on the other side of the wall, and pick a stall.

B: Sounds good. May I have a pencil?

A: Sure, the pencils are at the front desk.

B: Where do I obtain the test?

A: They will give you your test. Remember, eyes on your own test.

B: Of course. This reminds me of school.

A: Yeah, we get that a lot.

B: Will they let me know if I passed the test or not?

A: Yes, they will let you know after you finish.

A: The first thing you want to do is fasten your seat belt.

B: Check. What’s next?

A: Check your mirrors and make sure you can see behind you.

B: Done. Should I put it in reverse, now?

A: Yes, ease off the brake slowly.

B: Okay, I need to turn to leave the parking lot.

A: Make sure there are no pedestrians walking behind you.

B: Okay, do I turn the steering wheel to the left?

A: Yes, make sure you are paying attention to the cars.

B: Will do. Do I put it in drive now?

A: Yes, but remember have your foot on the brake and then ease it off.

B: Wow, this seems easy. Let’s go out on the street.

A: Where should my hands be on the steering wheel?

B: Your hands should be on 10 and 2.

A: 10 and 2? What do you mean?

B: Think of the steering wheel as a clock, and put your hands on 10 and 2.

A: Oh, okay. What about my eyes? Should I be looking at the signs?

B: Take a quick glance at the signs, but always look in front.

A: When do I have to use my horn?

B: You should use your horn for an emergency.

A: What about if someone cuts me off?

B: That’s not an appropriate use of your horn.

A: Am I ready to start driving yet?

B: No, you need to learn some more of the basics.

A: Unfortunately, you made a lot of mistakes. I cannot pass you.

B: What mistakes did I make?

A: You failed to put your turn signals when turning a corner.

B: How many mistakes am I allowed?

A: You are allowed three mistakes. You got five.

B: Which other mistakes did I make?

A: You hit the curb when you were parallel parking.

B: I thought you might have missed that.

A: No, you also didn’t pay attention to some of the signs.

B: Which signs are you talking about?

A: You passed a yield sign, and you did not yield.

B: Can I take the test again?

A: You can take it again on Monday.

A: Dad, I passed my driving test!

B: You did? That’s great news!

A: Where do you want to go first, dad?

B: You’re going to take me out for a ride?

A: Yes, where do you want to go?

B: How about we go get you a nice steak dinner?

A: That sounds great. I could go for a nice steak around now.

B: Come to the house and pick me up.

A: Would I be able to drive by myself?

B: No, you have to drive with someone over the age of 21.

A: Oh, okay. Well, can we drop off my friend that took me to the DMV?

B: Sure, we can go drop him off before we leave.

A: Finally, I got my driver’s license.

B: Congratulations! Can I see it?

A: Sure. Here it is. I don’t like my picture.

B: Oh, wow. You blinked.

A: Yeah, they didn’t want to take another picture.

B: I didn’t know your middle name was David.

A: Oh, no. I didn’t want anyone to know.

B: Well, you shouldn’t have put it on your license.

A: I had to. When are you going to get your license?

B: I was thinking about going tomorrow to the DMV.

A: You want me to take you? I do have my license now.

B: Sure! Pick me up from my house at noon.

A: Excuse me. This is my first time on campus. Where can I park?

B: There are three parking lots on campus.

A: Can you point me to the direction of the nearest one?

B: Keep driving straight. When you get to the light, make a left.

A: Thank you. Do I have to pay?

B: The first floor has visitors parking.

A: So, do I have to pay? Do they take credit cards?

B: Yes, you would have to pay, and they do take credit cards.

A: How much does it cost to park?

B: I believe it is $3. I could be wrong.

A: Oh, okay. Thank you very much.

B: You’re welcome. Have a nice day.

A: Sir, is this your car?

B: Yes, are you giving me a ticket?

A: Unfortunately, yes, I am. Read the sign.

B: Which sign? I don’t see a sign.

A: The sign above you, sir.

B: So, what? It says that we can’t park on Mondays.

A: Yes, it does. Although, it also says that you can’t park without a permit.

B: I didn’t see that.

A: Well, I’m sorry, but I still have to give you the ticket.

B: Can’t you just give me a warning?

A: I’m sorry, but I already started writing the ticket.

B: Fine. Give me the ticket. I’ll fight it in court.

A: Dad, I got a parking ticket at school.

B: Well, you should pay it off as soon as possible.

A: Where can I pay it off?

B: You can go to Downtown and go to the court there.

A: Can I pay it off online?

B: Yes, you can. Look at the fine. It should give a website.

A: Oh, okay. Let me go get the ticket. It’s in my car.

B: Hurry, because I need to leave to work.

A: Oh, wait. I forgot I put it in my wallet.

B: Well, take it out. Look in the back. It should give you a website.

A: Yes, it’s in the back. Am I going to pay with my debit card?

B: Yes, do you have the money to pay?

A: Do you know why I stopped you?

B: No, officer. Why?

A: You failed to stop at the stop sign.

B: I’m sorry, officer. I didn’t see the stop sign.

A: Have you had anything to drink?

B: No, I have not. Do you need to see my license?

A: Yes, I need your license and registration.

B: Okay, here is my paperwork.

A: I will be back. I need to check your background.

B: Sure thing, officer.

A: Everything seems to be in order. I’m going to give you a warning.

B: Thank you, officer. I’ll be more careful.

A: Where do you want to go eat?

B: I’m not sure. Wait, watch out! The light is red!

A: Oh, damn. Well, there I passed it.

B: I think there was a cop at the light.

A: Can you check? Look behind you.

B: I don’t see anything. Wait, there is a car turning the corner.

A: Is it a police car? Well, is it?

B: Oh, no. I think it is.

A: Well, hopefully he doesn’t stop us.

B: Oh, no. He just turned on his lights.

A: Damn, I have to pull over.

B: Yes, I hope I don’t get a ticket.

A: Your Honour, I’d like to challenge this ticket.

B: What is your reason for challenging this ticket?

A: The police officer did not have the right to issue the ticket.

B: Can you explain what you mean with that statement?

A: I was rightfully parked. He told me that I was parked in a handicap space.

B: Well, was it a handicap space?

A: It used to be. It is not anymore.

B: Well, was there a sign letting you know it was a handicap space?

A: No, because the spot has since been removed.

B: So, did you explain to the officer that it was no longer a handicap space.

A: I tried, but he wouldn’t listen. He said I was trying to get away from paying.

B: Thank you. I will question the officer, and get his side of the story.

A: I can’t pay for the ticket.

B: Why can’t you pay for the ticket?

A: Well, I just got laid off from my job.

B: Okay, Mr. Richardson. I’m going to give you an alternative.

A: What do you mean?

B: I am going to have to give you 36 hours of community service.

A: Thank you for the opportunity, Your Honor.

B: You will report to the nearest community service center.

A: They will tell me where to go?

B: Yes, they will give you an option of places to go.

A: Thank you, Your Honour. I greatly appreciate it.

B: You’re welcome. I hope you don’t plan on returning to this courtroom anytime soon.

A: So, how much is the ticket going to cost?

B: Well, it’s going to be $200.

A: $200 for a parking ticket?

B: Well, it looks like this is your third parking ticket.

A: Yes, but I haven’t gotten one in a couple of months.

B: This is your third parking ticket this year.

A: I know. Fine, I will pay the ticket.

B: How will you be paying the ticket?

A: I will be paying cash.

B: So that’ll be $200 in cash.

A: Yes, let me get you your receipt.

B: Thank you. Have a nice day.

A: Hello. I need to make an appointment.

B: Were you mandated by the court to go to traffic school?

A: Yes, I was. Does that matter?

B: Yes, it does. Let me have your full name.

A: It’s David Johnson. What days do you have available?

B: We have Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

A: Oh, okay. I can make it on Thursday. What time should I be in?

B: Come in at 9 a.m. if you can’t make it during that time, please call.

A: Great. I will see you this Thursday.

B: Remember to bring your court papers. We will need to sign those.

A: I seem to have lost them. Could I go to court to get another copy?

B: Yes, go to the court and print them out before you come over.

A: Thank you for coming in today. I’ll see you next week.

B: Excuse me, instructor. May I speak with you for a moment?

A: Sure thing, Mr. Davis. What can I help you with?

B: Well, about next week. I can’t make it.

A: That is a problem. You are mandated by court to attend every week.

B: I know, but I have a family emergency.

A: You have to go to the court and ask for an extension.

B: Do I have to come back over here after?

A: No, they will give you a make-up date.

B: Great. Thank you for all your help.

A: Sure thing. I hope everything is alright.

B: Thanks. I’ll see you next time.

A: What’s going on? What happened?

B: I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.

A: Well, I’m going to need your information.

B: Yes, I know. I’m sorry. I was distracted with the car accident.

A: I figured. Well, here is my information.

B: Let me get my information. I have it in my car.

A: Yes, please do that.

B: Well, it seems like I don’t have my insurance card.

A: How could you not have your insurance information?

B: I drive another car; I must have left it in that one.

A: Fine. Let me get your information.

B: Sure, call me later on today. I will give you my information

A: Hello, officer. I want to report a car accident.

B: What was the cause of the accident?

A: The other driver had been drinking.

B: Are there any casualties?

A: No, both drivers are fine.

B: Where did the accident take place?

A: It’s on the corner of Fifth and Vine Street.

B: How many people are involved in the accident?

A: There are two cars. Each car has two people in the vehicle.

B: We will respond as soon as possible.

A: Thank you. Can you hurry; it looks like one of the drivers wants to leave.

B: We will get there as soon as possible.

A: Hello. I was in an accident earlier today.

B: Okay, did you get the appropriate information from the other driver?

A: Yes, I did. Just tell me what you need.

B: It would be better if you came into the office.

A: When can I come in?

B: You can come in tomorrow. What time works for you?

A: I can make it in tomorrow at noon.

B: Great. Can you give me your full name?

A: Yes, it’s David Mark.

B: Okay, Mr. Mark. I have you scheduled for tomorrow at noon.

A: Sounds good. I will see you tomorrow.

B: Please remember to bring in all the information you got from the other driver.