Laundry is the washing of clothing and linens.  Laundry processes are often done in a room reserved for that purpose; in an individual home this is referred to as a laundry room or utility room.


A sort the laundry 1 laundry 11 dryer 20 spray starch
B load the washer 2 light clothing 12 lint trap 21 clean clothing
C unload the washer 3 dark clothing 13 static cling remover 22 closet
D load the dryer 4 laundry basket 14 clothesline 23 hanger
E hang clothes on the 5 laundry bag 15 clothespin 24 drawer
clothesline 6 washer/washing machine 16 iron 25 shelf-shelves
F iron 7 laundry detergent 17 ironing board
G fold the laundry 8 fabric softener 18 wrinkled clothing
H hang up clothing 9 bleach 19 ironed clothing
I put things away 10 wet clothing

do-the-laundry do-the-laundry-3 do-the-laundry-2

1. laundry 6. fabric softener 11. hanger 16. clean T-shirt
2. laundry basket 7. bleach 12. spray starch 17. wet shirt
3. washer 8. laundry detergent 13. iron 18. dry shirt
4. dryer 9. clothesline 14. ironing board 19. wrinkled shirt
5. dryer sheets 10. clothespin 15. dirty T-shirt 20. ironed shirt


A. Sort the laundry. B. Add the detergent. C. Load the washer. D. Clean the lint trap.


E. Unload the dryer. F. Fold the laundry. G. Iron the clothes. H. Hang up the clothes.


A. Excuse me. Do you sell…?
B. Yes. They’re at the back of the store.
A. Thank you.

A. Excuse me. Do you sell…?
B. Yes. It’s at the back of the store.
A. Thank you