Cleaning supplies. During this English lesson you will learn the vocabulary for things you might use to clean your home / house. After you will learn how to have a basic conversation about cleaning supplies.


cleaning supplies

1. feather duster 2. recycling bin 3. oven cleaner
4. rubber gloves 5. steel-wool soap pads 6. sponge mop
7. bucket / pail 8. furniture polish 9. rags
10. vacuum cleaner 11. vacuum cleaner attachments 12. vacuum cleaner bag
13. stepladder 14. glass cleaner 15. squeegee
16. broom 17. dustpan 18. cleanser
19. sponge 20. scrub brush 21. dishwashing liquid
22. dish towel 23. disinfectant wipes 24. trash bags

Cleaning Supplies

Word Meaning
baking soda white powder used for cleaning and removing odours
bleach liquid added in small amounts to water; has strong chemicals that remove stains on white clothing; also used to clean bathrooms
broom brush with a long handle on it for sweeping floors
carpet cleaner foam or liquid soap used on rugs and carpets
deodorizer product that removes bad smells from a room; often scented
dishwashing detergent liquid or powder soap that goes into a dishwasher
dust pan flat container used for collecting dirt and dust swept up with a broom
duster a cleaning tool with a handle and feathers (or a soft cloth) used for wiping dust off surfaces
garbage or trash bag large, heavy bag for collecting the household garbage
garbage or trash bin container with a lid that holds large garbage bags
gloves coverings for the hands, with separate holes for the fingers
hose a long tube that fills with water; often kept outside and used for outdoor cleaning
laundry detergent powder or liquid soap used for cleaning clothes and linen
mop long stick with a sponge at the bottom that is soaked in water and soap; used for cleaning floors
recycling bin a container that holds paper, tins, glass, and other garbage that can be reused
scouring pads tough cleaning pads used for scrubbing pots, pans, and ovens
scrub brush a brush with a handle on it; often used for cleaning toilets
sponge a soft cleaning product that absorbs water and is used for washing surfaces
stain remover laundry product used specifically on spots that regular laundry detergent cannot clean (stains include red wine or blood)
vacuum cleaner a machine that sucks up dust and dirt on the floor as you push it around
vinegar a clear sour tasting liquid mixed with water and used for cleaning; environmentally friendly alternative to store bought cleaners

Ways to ask for something
Please hand me the squeegee.
Can you get me the broom?
I need the sponge mop.

A: Please hand me the sponge mop.
B: Here you go. Do you need the bucket?
A: Yes, please. Can you get me the rubber gloves, too?