Where to Buy Food

A: I’m starving!

B: Me too. Let’s get something to eat.

A: What would you like?

B: I know! Let’s go down to the Farmer’s Market.

A: What do they sell to eat there?

B: Only the best produce in the city!

A: What makes it so great?

B: Well it’s all organically grown.

A: Can’t we just go to the supermarket?

B: No way! Those vegetables don’t compare at all!

A: I don’t feel like cooking. Let’s get burgers.

B: Fine, let’s get some burgers.


A: Can you make dinner for your sister tonight?

B: Aw, she only eats macaroni and cheese!

A: What’s the problem?

B: I don’t know how to make it.

A: It’s super easy, just follow the box instructions.

B: We’re all out of instant macaroni and cheese.

A: Well, make it from scratch, then.

B: How do I do that?!

A: Just cook the pasta, and mix it in cheese, milk, and butter.

B: It can’t be that easy.

A: Cooking isn’t hard at all. You can do it.

B: If I accidentally burn the house down, it’s not my fault.

A: Did you book the hotel for the trip?

B: Yes and it comes with something extra!

A: What would that be, exactly?

B: Continental breakfast every morning!

A: Wow! Do you think they serve pancakes?

B: Oh, with syrup and fresh fruit.

A: You can’t forget the whipped cream!

B: And freshly brewed coffee!

A: I can’t wait to see it all!

B: I think I’m more excited for breakfast than the trip.

A: Well, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

B: That’s very true.

A: What are we having for lunch?

B: I’m making some sandwiches.

A: Can I make some lemonade to drink?

B: Sure! That’d be great.

A: We just ate breakfast, but I’m already hungry.

B: Me too! It’s amazing how hungry I get so soon!

A: I’m really looking forward to those sandwiches.

B: I just realized we’re out of bread!

A: I guess lunch will have to be delayed.

B: Can you please go to the store and buy some?

A: Sure! Don’t drink all the lemonade!

B: I won’t! Come back soon. I’m starving!

A: Have you decided what you’re going to order?

B: I think I want to eat a steak today.

A: That sounds delicious!

B: I’ve been craving one all day.

A: You’re making me crave one now!

B: Well, we might as well order the steak now.

A: Actually, I change my mind.

B: What are you having?

A: Shrimp pasta, it looks delicious.

B: Do you mind if I try some of that?

A: Only if you give me some steak!

B: Alright, it’s perfect, thanks!

A: I’m so thirsty!

B: You might want to buy something refreshing.

A: I think I’d like a hibiscus tea.

B: It is kind of hot, isn’t it?

A: Yes, it is. What’ll you get?

B: Same as yours.

A: Awesome, we match!

B: Yeah, I guess we do!

A: Place the order. I’ll spot you the money.

B: In that case, I want the biggest size.

A: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

B: I was only kidding!

A: Why are you eating another apple?

B: You know what they say about apples!

A: No, I’m afraid I don’t know.

B: An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

A: Especially if you throw it at him.

B: You should eat fruit; it’s good for you.

A: I do eat fruit: just not as often as you do.

B: Eating healthy is wonderful!

A: I don’t doubt it, but I still want pizza for lunch.

B: Only if you eat an apple, too.

A: Alright, I’ll also eat an apple.

B: That’s the spirit! You’re healthier already.

A: What is that you’re eating?

B: It’s a house salad.

A: What order are you waiting for?

B: Oh, I’m not waiting for an order to come.

A: You mean that’s all the lunch you’re having?

B: Yes, this is my lunch today.

A: Are you on a diet?

B: No, I just felt like eating a salad.

A: It’s only got lettuce!

B: No. It has cucumbers and carrots, too.

A: What’s that on the top?

B: Steamed chicken. It’s delicious!

A: What do you think I should get for dessert?

B: I don’t know, look at the menu.

A: Wow! They have icecream, pies, cakes.

B: It looks like a great selection!

A: I don’t know what to get!

B: It’s kind of hot out. Maybe icecream would be good.

A: Icecream sounds fantastic!

B: How about we go to the icecream parlor down the street?

A: That sounds good to me! Let’s go.

B: That pecan pie is calling my name, though.

A: Answer to icecream’s call only!

B: You’re right! Let’s go!

A: What kind of meat are you buying?

B: I’m just buying some pork shoulders.

A: Why did you make them cut it in half?

B: It’s tenderer if you do it that way.

A: Do you need anything else?

B: Yes, I need some tenderloin pieces.

A: You sure are buying a lot of meat.

B: Meat makes you strong!

A: And it also tastes amazing!

B: Would you like to come over for dinner?

A: Sure! I’d like to see how well you cook.

B: Alright! You’ll find it delicious!

A: Throw away those potato chips!

B: What’s so bad about potato chips?

A: They’ll rot your insides!

B: Oh, they’re not so bad.

A: You should eat a different snack.

B: I think I’ll have some frozen yogurt.

A: That is a much better snack!

B: I’d still like to eat potato chips though.

A: You had some yesterday.

B: I don’t eat them very often.

A: You can have them later.

B: I guess that sounds pretty fair.

A: Can you cut the vegetables, please?

B: How do you want me to cut them?

A: Cut the potatoes into big chunks.

B: What about the carrots?

A: Those you can cut in rounds.

B: Do I do the same to the celery?

A: No, you can cut that into strips.

B: There are so many ways to cut these things!

A: Yes, there really are!

B: Can I cut the zucchini into rounds?

A: That’s what I was going to ask you to do.

B: Great! I’ll get started now.

A: You really need a more balanced diet!

B: It’s fine. I eat three times a day.

A: All three times and all you eat is fatty foods.

B: I’m not always eating junk food!

A: Not junk food, just fatty and oily food!

B: Try to eat equal amounts of meat and vegetables.

A: Why should I measure the portions that way?

B: You need to eat enough protein and vitamins!

A: Yeah, I’ll take your advice.

B: You’ll feel much healthier.

A: I believe you. Thanks for the advice!

A: Hi! Can I get a pizza slice, please?

B: Sure, is there anything else you’d like?

A: I’ll also take that bag of chips.

B: What size drink would you like?

A: A medium soft drink, please.

B: Alright, you can go fill it at the fountain.

A: Can I also buy this banana, please?

B: Certainly. Will that be all?

A: Yes, that’s all! What is my total?

B: Your total is $12.36.

A: Thank you! Have a nice day.

B: Thank you, you too.

A: Where do I go to get my food?

B: Just walk around and pick what you want.

A: I’ll take a sandwich and a pear.

B: I think I’ll have the same.

A: What are you getting to drink?

B: I’ll just have water.

A: Where do we pay for all of this?

B: Carry your tray to the cash register.

A: This reminds me of the school lunch line.

B: Well, it does work the same way.

A: Don’t forget to grab napkins!

B: Thanks for reminding me!

A: What are you carrying?

B: It’s a newspaper with coupons.

A: Why do you keep looking at it?

B: I’m buying the fruit that is not on sale at Ralphs.

A: Is it on sale here?

B: No, but it’s a bit cheaper.

A: Why is it cheaper?

B: It’s a town supermarket, not a big chain.

A: Look! Milk prices rose.

B: Lucky for me. I have a coupon for Super Foods.

A: I have to start couponing, too.

B: You sure save a lot of money!

A: I can’t find the jasmine rice!

B: Isn’t it in the rice section?

A: No, they don’t have it there.

B: Let’s check again. Is it this one?

A: No, that’s short grain white rice.

B: What about this one? It’s longer.

A: No, that’s brown rice.

B: How are we supposed to find jasmine rice?

A: Oh, I see more rice in another isle.

B: I found it in the international section.

A: I find it funny that Americans think this rice is exotic!

B: Me, too! But Americans call everything different exotic.